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February 13, 2008

Neal Stephenson's next novel, Anathem


Niall at Torque Control has news that Neal Stephenson's next novel is entitled Anathem and is full-on future Science Fiction.


Did a few searches but nothing comes up apart from Torque Control, I think Niall has the scoop here. It's available on the US Amazon, but no sign on the UK Amazon.


Ace! Most of my mates didn't get on with the Baroque Cycle... but loved Snow Crash and Diamond Age, so hopefully this one will be a return to form from their points of view... whatever it is, Stephenson is my fave author of the last few years hands-down, so it is top of my wish list already!

Any idea if this continues the same characters (Waterhouses, Shaftoes, Root), or is it a new story?

Now available from Amazon UK:
928 pages!!

Just spotted this - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anathem-Neal-Stephenson/dp/1843549158/
Looks like we have a UK edition with different art. No Analemma for us though (http://www.analemma.com/).