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February 11, 2008

Jumper, the rules. Surely a Bester namecheck required?

Jamie Bell was interviewed on Jonathan Ross's show on Friday night and he talked about Jumper. At one point he explained that they had a discussion with the director (or was it writer?) about the rules of jumping. He proceeded to list them:

  • You can only jump there if you've been there before
  • If you touch something it goes with you


I was waiting for an Alfred Bester namecheck, surely The Stars My Destination would be quoted as at least an influence? Nope.

Boo, hiss etc.

I haven't seen Jumper (it opens in the UK on 14th February), but watched one of those extended advert with clips of the trailer shows about it and feel I probably know the entire plot now. However, still fancy seeing it because it has cool teleport effects.



Update : SFSignal has reviews of the Jumper novels upon which the film was based (and which I knew nothing about).

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The acknowledgments in the book do cite some previous uses of the teleportation sf trope: The Stars My Destination, Robert A. Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky, Larry Niven's "Flash Crowd", Phyllis Einstein's Born to Exile, and Star Trek's transporter beam.

And thanks fpr the plug! :)