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February 18, 2008

Jericho Season 2, Episode 1

Jericho returns with a seven episode run and a desperate attempt to save its very existence.

Spoilers ahead...

(Note that Hallmark apparently has the rights to show Jericho first in the UK, which means that ITV4 won't be able to show season 2 immediately after they finish season (imminently))

The start of season 2 has a little of the Deus ex Machina about it, and yet makes sense. It's almost a reboot, signaling that the show has moved on from its small town survival story to a bigger, thriller styled search for the culprits.

It was definitely enjoyable, and somehow feels more Science Fiction, with a divided USA and a new flag; old tropes used well. And yet, there was a bit of me that was sad about the passing of the soap opera survival stories.

still, I think we're in store for an action-packed, entertaining seven episodes.


Thanks for updating us about Jericho showings in the UK. I've put a summary and link to your blog in our Jericho news archive.


Currently episodes 1, 2 & 3 of series 2 are available for download on mininova & other torrent sites.

From Hallmark website, apparently series 2 airing in May...

If you're an avid fan of the Jericho like us you will be pleased to know that the second series of Jericho is due to be aired on the Hallmark Channel in May. Keep updated by checking the website to find out when this small Kansas town will be back on our screens. You don't want to miss a second!

If a real fan then do not watch via download. This dosen't get picked up by ratings and hence the show gets cancelled.

AS: I am a real fan, unfortunately season 2 isn't being show here (UK) any time soon, season 1 is still going so download is my only option. Don't worry though, when it comes on tv here i'll be watching to keep the ratings up.

Apparently it starts on May 16 on Hallmark Channel.