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January 10, 2008

Where to Get the Best Scifi T-Shirts in the UK?

io9 have a post on where to buy cool SF T-Shirts, which includes Threadless. I love Threadless T-shirts, they're cool and you know they won't be common. The downside is that they ship from the US, and despite there being about $420 dollars to the pound, that's still a pain. None of the T-Shirt shops that io9 talk about appear to be outside of the US.

So, tell me, which are the cool places to buy SF T-shirts in the UK?
The only one I can think of is Bang Bang T-Shirts.



This is James from Bang Bang T-shirts. I just wanted to say thanks for the mention! Great blog!

Have you looked at lastexittonowhere.com?

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I've had a couple of tees from www.splittheatom.com - not really sci-fi for the most part, but a few applicable ones! My personal faves are Ecologic Driving and Victims Of Circumstance.