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January 3, 2008

Torchwood series 2 air date

I saw an extended trailer for Torchwood on the BBC last night, and it said that it was due to be shown on 16th January on BBC2, which is a Wednesday so it's probably the Heroes 9pm slot. The official website hasn't caught up yet, no longtrailer or dates, although it has new wallpaper. Hmmm.

The extended trailer did not, unfortunately, offer me any hope that the new series would be better than the last. Looked like more of the same.


You are in fact joking right?
If anything the trailer looks even better than the first season and since when in the first season was there Time Agents, insects, alien parasites, Martha Jones, a united team and all the revelations that the second season looks to provide?
Evidence to back up your point is expected for any valid sort of opinion.