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January 29, 2008

Lost Series 4 Imminent, also in the UK!

Lost Series 4 starts in the USA on Thursday. Everyone knows that right? What I didn't know is that it starts in the UK this Sunday! Sky One are taking the unprecedented(?) action of showing an episode of a US show in the same week that it airs in the US. Which is quite nice really. The first episode is this Sunday at 9pm.

Sky are letting everyone know about it too, with adverts and trailers in every commercial break, including the highly amusing Oceanic Air safety announcements. "Please attend to your onw mask before assisting others". Ho Ho.

I have no idea what the first episode of the new series will be like. I wouldn't be surprised if it was set on the Moon.


Sky have been doing this for all of the current season of Stargate Atlantis as well. Episode 14 (Harmony) showed in the US on Friday evening, and here in the UK on Tuesday. That frees up bittorrent bandwidth for me that can more profitably be used downloading the latest episodes of The Wire.

In Aus they keep putting these crappy ads saying "streamed direct from the US!" as if we are watching it at exactly the same time as the US... in fact that is exactly what they are saying, except there is the small matter of about 10 hours time difference!

Mind you we get it the same day more or less... which is nice.