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January 4, 2008

Doctor Who - Voyage Of The Damned

Voyage Of The Damned is the third Doctor Who Christmas special since the Nu-Who reboot, and it pretty much sums up what the average Doctor Who episode has become: lovely initial design and wow factor, intriguing setup, a monster arrives, some running around, detoriation into a rushed plot that finishes disappointingly.

(You can watch the episode as I type on the BBC iPlayer if you haven't seen it and you are in the UK).

It could have been lovely. The Titanic in space design was great, Kylie Minogue was in a waitress costume, it had an alien called The Host. And yet, far away from good. I imagine Russell T Davies saying something like "I wanted this to be an homage to disaster movies", well yes, it tries, and fails were the Poseiden Adventure fails, it gets dull rapidly. And the "monster" is terrible, talk about unimanginative. And the emotional aspect is completely lost because we never got to know the characters well enough. And Kylie was rubbish. And the cameo from The Queen made me moan. And... I could go on.

Can we have some more intelligent Doctor Who please? And don't give me the excuse that some episodes are for the kids, because Blink was amazing, and the kids liked that too. Get good writers, write good stories. We know you can make things look lovely now.

Considering about seven bazillion people watched this episode on Christmas Day I would have thought they'd give us better.

Disappointed. Again.


I agree. I really thought they could have done a better job with everything. I guess I didn't even really understand why, after a year, London was suddenly evacuated by EVERYONE even though it had been a year since the last one and... this isn't coming across well. But grr!