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January 17, 2008

5 Reasons I Should Hate Jericho, and 5 Reasons Why I Like it

Jericho is up to episode 15 on ITV4, and I'm really enjoying it. But somehow I feel like I shouldn't. In an attempt to explore those tensions as shall do what has become traditional on blogs, and make a list...

5 Reasons I Should Hate Jericho

  1. It's not original. Small town survival after a nuclear apocalypse has been done by Alas, Babylon (Pat Frank). Multiple nukes exploding throughout the USA has been done by The Wild Shore (Kim Stanley Robinson). And that's just the two that come to mind, there's probably lots more.
  2. Its too American. All that small-town stuff is so cheesey. Hokey is I believe the word. It's so foreign and false and UnBritish. Every small town I've been to in the USA was more like Twin Peaks.
  3. There are mistakes. Logical mistakes, probably deliberate and used to drive the plot e.g. Hawkins uses his computer inside, then for some reason opens a big dish outside, just so that Jake can see it.
  4. It reminds me of Dawson's Creek. Or maybe Echo Beach. One of those airbrushed soaps aimed at teenagers where relationships are off and on and off again.
  5. One of the main characters is / was "the mayor". It just doesn't translate. Have you seen an example of a British mayor?

5 Reasons I Like Jericho

  1. It's set today. Which means that there are modern twists on surviving the apocalypse. When they go to the library to find out about nuclear fallout they discover that all the books were written in the 50's.
  2. It concentrates in survival issues. Keeping warm, maintaining electricity production, getting food, all the basic apocalyptic things that need to be taken care of.
  3. It steals the good bits. Okay, it's not original, but it takes the cool bits from all the compost of previous apocalyptic fiction and pulls out some golden flowers. Sometimes they're just little references ( e.g. the mass migration to warmer climes), but I like them
  4. There's something bigger going on. It's all still a mystery. What actually happened?
  5. It's a nuclear apocalypse! And you just can't beat that.


Hi James,

I liked your review and I put it in our article archive.



I couldn't agree more. Jericho's a great show! Makes you think and that's always good...!

I like that you have reasons you should hate the show and then you have reasons like it.

No doubt about it Jericho is a prime time television show but one of the things I really liked about it early on was whenever I thought I knew what was going to happen next I found I was usually wrong. This is always a plus and one of the reasons I ultimately do think Jericho is a great show. Great items on your list in both categories!

Thanks, -b

Fun and different way to look at Jericho. It's a great show - looking forward to Season 2!!
(for all the reasons you stated)

I hate Jerico (but I'm obviously watching it on Netflix) because THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS.

1. Mercenaries go to hospital to get supplies. Who shoots first? Town does...

2. Bad guys make good faith deal to trade food for one of their own held by the town. Town makes agreement, then breaks it just as quick.

3. Bad guys have food and agree to trade fairly. As soon as the town has another (temporary) source, the Mayor tells them to screw off and break their deal.

4. The town thinks they have more rights to the generator than the compound. So they steal it.

5. They go to market to trade. Rules clearly state that thieves will be hung- what do they do- steal something, and then don't like it when they are going to get hung....

It seems like the town are the dirtbags in EVERY episode- is this irony? is this black comedy?

At least in shows like the Shield, the good guy are bad guys, but nobody is under a whole lot of self-delusion like in this series....