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December 26, 2007

The Dumbies 2007 - Book Nominations

The judges are pleasantly surprised at how many books they managed to read this year, so much so that they can even split the award into two categories - Fiction and Non-Fiction (no back and forward BSFA dithering here).

Firstly the nominations for Non-Fiction books are:

All of which the judges really enjoyed, although the Tiptree biog was a little depressing. They are also books that will be kept around and dipped into repeatedly, particularily the highly addictive Brave New Words SF dictionary.

And now the Fiction books:

Wow, what a selection of books. There's a couple I really didn't like, a handful I was disappointed with, one I thought was great but didn't like(!), two that haven't even been released yet, four Charles Stross books, one I found in a second hand shop, six books that were awesome and two books that were so far beyond awesome that I completely fell in love with them.

A good year of reading.


I thought Air was superb, one of my favourite books this year. Magic for Beginners was pretty interesting too. My absolute favourite book this year, ever in fact, is "Howard Who?" by Howard Waldrop. Unbelievably cool collection of short stories.

i'm sorry, i see this blog mostly when it shows up on sf signal, so maybe i missed the context of this list. these were your favorite books that you read this year? but you said that there were a couple that you didn't like. do i need to follow the links to find out which were what?

also, the link to the handmaid's tale (which was great when i read it for a class in college) takes you to Infoquake's page.

It's a Small Beer Press book, so you might have trouble finding it, unless you get it from their website.