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November 15, 2007

The Culture Is Back. Nothing Else Matters.

I love choosing which book to read next. Sometimes I know exactly what I feel like. Sometimes I peruse my bookshelf reading blurbs and stroking covers. Sometimes I have a structured queue. Sometimes that queue gets smashed into little pieces.

I was going to read Altered Carbon next, because I really should have read it by now and it's been sitting on my shelf staring at me provocatively. But then The Jennifer Morgue was sitting right next to it taunting me with the promises of fun and monsters and crazy multidimensional maths. So I was going to read that. Then Orbit sent me True Colors, and I hadn't read a Star Wars book in years, so I thought I'd read that. In fact there is a bonus short story at the end of the novel, so I did read that, and liked it, the full novel was next. Then some Manga arrived from Yen Press, and one of the books had "zombie" in the title, which meant that I had to read that. Quick read I thought. But after the one Manga book I felt I should read the others. (There's a review coming when I type it up). And then after that interesting excursion I was back to my original list, but now confused.

Then, today, the post arrived. It contained a proof copy of Matter, courtesy of the very nice people at Orbit.


The front cover of the proof says, "The Culture Is Back. February 2008. Nothing Else Matters."




Heh - I was just about to blog the very same arrival, and you've pipped me to the post.

Still, I retain bragging rights - I get to interview IMB for an Interzone feature! So nyah! :)