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November 16, 2007

New Posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Entertainment Weekly has four new posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, although SFSignal has them on one page which is much less annoying. I think they're okay. The first one looks like "I, Robot", which is bad, second and fourth ones have that (original) Terminator feell to them, and the third, upper torso poster is quite cool but reminds me of Aliens.

The show is due to be shown in the UK on Virgin 1 in 2008 sometime.


Hey James,

Saw this site mentioned on Futurismic, and it was from James Bloomer. I thought this can't be the same Little Jimmy Bloomer who used to share an office with that weird guy who ran the pr0n-collecting cron jobs on the Opal computers? And it was.

Glad you're doing something useful now instead of that Physics nonsense. I shall watch eagerly for updates in my feed reader.