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November 19, 2007

Kindle, Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

Is this the future of books?

It's Amazon's ebook reader! It has a barmy keyboard on the bottom so that it looks like a BT phone from 1987! It can bookmark pages! It can remember where you got to! You can buy books from Amazon!

Ah. That's the point then.

It uses the magical Amazon wireless Whispernet! (None of that archaic wifi.) You can read blogs! Automatically! No need to get up and use a dictionary, there's one built in! You can highlight text!

Apparently everyone likes it. Including Neil Gaiman! He says it "changes everything"!

The actual display looks okay, but I'd like to see it first-hand before I decide whether it's any cop. However seeing as Amazon's celebrity endorsements include Neil Gaiman and Guy Kawasaki I doubt they'll be sending me a freebie to review ;-)

Oh, and it costs $399, which is about 5p.

Joel at Boing Boing Gadgets has some details beyond the marketing hype.

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