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November 18, 2007

Doctor Who - Time Crash

Like all episodes / specials / performances in charity telethons the Doctor Who episode Time Crash, shown as part of Children In Need, was short. And also like most (bar Ricky Gervais sketches) it wasn't very good. Despite having high hopes, it being written by Stephen Moffat, it was little more than David Tennant saying thanks to Peter Davison for being his doctor. Not a lot to it, a couple of chuckles and a longing for a proper Moffat episode.

You can see it here if you're in the UK, with photos and behind the scenes stuff here. Or perhaps just watch it on YouTube if you can put up with seeing John Barrowman and Terry Wogan "banter.


I thought it was quite entertaining, good dialogue. You can't really expect much from 6 minutes or so, can you?

Incidentally, the Movable Type OpenID support didn't work for me. Has anyone else had problems?

Ah. I see. I'm easily confused. I thought it was for anyone to authenticate themselves before leaving a comment. I can understand why the MT one wouldn't work (and that's not the one I used), but why would it give you the option of signing in using openid, livejournal or any of the others? Ah well, I'll stick to being anonymous.