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September 25, 2007

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Episodes 1 & 2

Yesterday the first two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures were shown on the BBC (the first one on BBC1, the second straight after on the digital channel CBBC).

It was okay. I think perhaps I'm a bit too old for it! Suddenly Doctor Who doesn't look so much like a kids show (which let's face it, it is). The setup is this: Sarah Jane lives in a suburban house with a super computer thingy in her attic, her teenage son turns up and together with two other teenagers they start fighting alien invasions etc. The first two episodes they fight The Slytheene, which if you remember can be killed by vinegar. Not so difficult a foe then. They also turned off the sun for a while, using a big lever, and it went blue, which is interesting.

Just good enough to keep the kids interested in the Doctor Who franchise until the new series of Doctor Who.


BOOOO! Where's the spoilers warning? Bad form!