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August 30, 2007

Sci-Fi Comedy Movies

Talking about Hyperdrive got me thinking about really funny SF films. And I couldn't think of any. A quick Google found a box office list which is 1982 to present and live action only. Of which many aren't really comedy and most of them aren't funny. Mars Attacks is the only one on the list that I rate as really funny (Eternal Sunshine is really brilliant, which isn't quite the same as really funny). And I also remembered Monsters Inc. which I laugh at a lot. What did I miss?

I think it's time for a Simon Pegg / Edgar Wright set-in-space-SF film.


Wrong!!! In 2005: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


"Spaceballs" had some class moments. "Ludicrous speed" plus Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet was fantastic.
"Dark Star" was pretty good as I recall although I can't remember much of it.
Does "Time Bandits" count?
I enjoyed "The Sleeper" a Woody Allen movie too.
I quite enjoyed the recent Hitchhikers Guide movie too.

Both spaceballs and the hitchhikers guide (movie) were pap. I know people who left the cinema rather than sit through the film version.

The BBC2 'faithful' version of hitchhikers guide is much more enjoyable in a BBC2 limited special effects budget type way.

Does UFO count?

By wotsis name, erm.. Roy Chubby Brown.

It had teleportation, a spaceship, timetravel, aliens and lasers ..

Rich, you missed a vital ingredient it has to be funny ;-)

Hi Iam Mike
SciFi movies don't seem to make money unless they have multilayered appeal.
Comedy and SciFi aren't mutually exclusive but only succeed by being commercial. Galaxy Quest and Mars Attacks take the piss out of serious movies. Serenity has some genuinely amusing bits but ther'e not it's only virtues.