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August 6, 2007

NewConPress Anthology launch

disLOCATIONS the new anthology by NewConPress, edited by Ian Whates, is having a launch party. (Their last anthology won the BSFA award for the cover artwork). Ian's in my writing group, and seeing as UK SF Book News Network has published the details, I reckon I should too and then I can blame Ariel if a million people turn up and eat all the Twiglets. Here's what Ian says about it:
"disLOCATIONS is having its very own official launch party, on Monday 13th August, 7.00 pm, at this lovely little amphitheatre attached to Peterborough Central library (Cambridgeshire); wine and nibbles courtesy of yours truly. In addition to myself, contributors Pat Cadigan, Ian Watson, Chaz Brenchley, Amanda Hemingway and Andy West will all be present, for a brief talk, some tantalising readings from the anthology, then general mingling, nattering and drinking."

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Easy answer mate: bring your own Twiglets... :)