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August 13, 2007

Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh International Book Festival started on Saturday. If you know who you're looking for you might be able to navigate the website to find if they're speaking (no filter by genre!).

Iain Banks is on tomorrow night, but the event is sold out. If you're going, please ask lots of questions about The Culture to annoy the literary types.


Sadly I have a film festival show and can't go to Iain's talk or Bill Gibson's. On the SF&F front the EIFF is, as usual, very poor - I've taken them to task for the serious lack of SF&F authors (especially given how many top ones we have here) and a certain Scottish fantasy writer really got into them for it a couple of years back. Still, Debbie Miller (AKA Miller Lau) will be there too, although no Ken MacLeod this year, sadly.

Not all bad though, they have taken onboard suggestions of getting into graphic novels and have several events, albeit tucked into the kid's sections and I've left Friday film-fest free to go along to a panel on the genre with Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Alan Grant. Cam Kennedy is going to be in conversation with publisher Ron Grosset (as he was for the Kidnapped launch I covered on the FPI blog months back) and Cam is also doing an arts masterclass. Seriously hoping this is the start of a continuing number of GN events at the EIBF.

Too far for me to go, but always interested in who's talking at the Lit festivals. The website didn't make that task easy though :-(

The Cam Kennedy art class should be cool.