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August 28, 2007

Hyperdrive series two

I accidentally watched an episode of Hyperdrive the other day, from the second series.
It's still rubbish.

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Talking about Hyperdrive got me thinking about really funny SF films. And I couldn't think of any. A quick Google found a box office list which is 1982 to present and live action only. Of which many aren't really comedy... Read More


Unfair! Hyperdrive is incredibly funny - you're probably just too young to appreciate it mate. I think you'd have to be way over the 30-hill and decelerating fast to appreciate the full range of middle-age angst gags for a start... and it's definitely one of those series that you have to have watched from the start - learning the characters, their relationships, their foibles - at which point the last couple of episodes were laugh-out-loud funny at best, chucklesome at worst. Or maybe you just have to be a grumpy old man like me (I'm 34 you know!) to appreciate it propely...

Well, despite my youthful looks, I'm the same age as you... Still don't find it funny. Maybe it's my expectations, Nick Frost is normally so funny, as is that guy from Big Train. But it just makes me cringe, like it's trying too hard to take the piss out of itself.

Yeah - overly harsh James. I enjoyed it.

I agree with James. After watching a lot of series 1 and dipping into series 2, Hyperdrive is generally rubbish. Still waiting for a LOL moment.

LOL moment - series one - Teal and Captain go into the "Love room", a black room with random "romantic " words and phrases being projected around the walls and floor. Among the normal ones "Love", "Hug" or whatever I noted the phrase "Bum-hole" and promptly laughed my arse off.
James, I'd like to apologise for adding the phrase "bum-hole" to your blog (twice)

I totally agree, it is exceptionally poor. Don't know why a second series was commissioned. I can only think that it's incredibly cheap to make.

Well, you can say one thing for the BBC, with 6 episode commissions they do give shows a chance. Red Dwarf didn't reach excellence until series 3.