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July 13, 2007

William Gibson talks Spook Country

It's always nice to read or he authors talking about their books, it's even better to see then talking about their books. William Gibson has a slick edited video imterview about Spook Country on his website.

I went to a William Gibson booksigning once, at Andromeda in Brum, I think it was Idoru, anyway after he signed my book I held out my hand to shake his. He hesitated, and looked at me in a sligthly distrustful way, as though maybe my skin had a rare nerve affecting poison that might infect him, then finally shook my hand.


We hosted a signing on that tour at W'Stone's Deansgate, and, if I remember correctly, Mr Gibson had a stinking cold (probably picked up on the plane on the way over) so maybe he just didn't want to give you his Gibson-germs... :)

Ah yes, maybe he had the nerve shredding viral infection.

When I ran a signing and reading event with Bill our then assistant manager was remarkably similar to him. Both similar height, build, similar hair, even similar glasses. Both also spoke with a similar, slow drawl, except one North American, one North of Scotland. I had to introduce them at the end. They just said hi to each other and shook hands, but his friends were laughing and agreeing how similar they were, was quite spooky but funny

It appears that Joe, you were on first name terms with William Gibson == Bill. Whereas Ariel was only at the Mr. Gibson stage.

I was at the speechless "erm hello" fanboy stage.