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July 17, 2007

The Radio Times top 20 SF Shows (Excluding Doctor Who)

The Guardian Unlimited is moaning about the Radio Times top 20 SF shows list, because they decided to exclude Doctor Who. Which makes Red Dwarf number one, which is not so bad. BUT HOLD ON! Torchwood better than Babylon 5, The Prisoner and Battlestar Galactica? Ha ha. Now I know it's a joke.

1 Red Dwarf
2 The X Files
3 Lost
4 Life On Mars
5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer
6 Star Trek: The Next Generation
7 Stargate SG-1
8 Star Trek
9 The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
10 Quantum Leap
11 Heroes
12 Blake's 7
13 Twin Peaks
14 V
15 Torchwood
16 Babylon 5
17 The Prisoner
18 Battlestar Galactica
19 Thunderbirds
20 Lost In Space


And Heroes is a whole shedload better than the lot of them... Red Dwarf number one? I don't really think so... I love it, but it ain't my first thought of classic SF shows.

Since when were any of these SciFi???
3 Lost - maybe, only watched a couple.
4 Life On Mars - ok but barely.
5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer - More why-fi than sci-fi.
11 Heroes - don't know what this is. Perhaps I'm getting old. Do we get it in the UK?
13 Twin Peaks - how?
17 The Prisoner - what??? More importantly how can any of the above be better? Whoever compiled this list has obviously been sucked into a timewarp and left to rot on a confusing desert island where they can't get any constructive criticism in any medium.

Well, maybe not Science Fiction in theh strict sense, but Fantasy maybe and therefore SF in the Speculative Fiction sense.

Heroes is coming to the BBC this summer, it's just finished showing on SciFi UK.