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July 11, 2007

The Genre Files names seven recommended blogs

Arial at the Genre Files has names his seven highly-recommended genre aggregator blogs and it includes Big Dumb Object, which is very nice.

Other blogs:

Joe Gordon - The Forbidden Planet Blog Log

Niall Harrison - Torque Control

Iain Emsley - Yatterings

Paul Raven - Velcro-City Tourist Board

JP Frantz and John DeNardo - SF Signal

Andrew Wheeler - The Antick Musings of GBH Hornswoggler, Gent


...and yes, I read all of them except Yatterings and Anticks, to which I have just subscribed.

When I decided to start a SF blog it was because I couldn't find any that I wanted to read. As soon as I started I found SFSignal, and then the SF blogosphere has continued to become larger and more interesting. For anyone just dipping into SF blogs, there's a real community out (th)here now, plenty to keep you going if you love SF, so drop by and say hello.


Heh-heh...remember our first discussion about the principle of "Conservation of Suck" for sequels? Those were the days...


I'm still going to do that. In fact I was only just thinking about it this morning.