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July 11, 2007

Kylie dresses as a French Maid in Doctor Who

Back to The Sun for more Doctor Who news. Keep calm...

"KYLIE Minogue will frill Doctor Who fans by dressing as a sexy French maid in this year’s Christmas Special.

The petite pop princess wears knee-high boots, sexy stockings and a lacy black and white costume to play gorgeous Astrid."

Almost lyrical the Sun's prose isn't it? Check out that alliteration. Better be careful or I'll be reading Heat before I know it.

Oh, and there's a picture.



The BBC site has a bigger version of that picture. And bizzarely the Sun (tries to) prevent you from downloading the picture when they blatantly got it from the BBC!


Ah, the BBC goes for the old 'French maid outfit' fan-boy lure... :)

Yep, and of course it worked. You can imagine the BBC Pr people talking to RTD.

"So you got Kylie to do the Christmas Special."

"Yes, I think she's a wonderful actress."

"Any chance of dressing her up in a frilly French Maid's outfit with big lace up boots?"

"Well, the arc I had in mind for the character was... oh okay."