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July 2, 2007

Doctor Who - Last Of The Time Lords

New Doctor Who finished its third series with an episode that didn't live up to the expectation.



There were some good things about the finale. They were...

  • How a year passed and that everything was not resolved the next day.
  • Martha roving the world, with all that post-apocalyptic feel, that was really cool.
  • Martha finally getting something to do.
  • The misdirection with the 4 vial gun (I groaned when that appeared)
  • The empty eyed evil companion having had enough. Serves you right.
  • The first escape plan failing.
  • The Doctor wanting to save The Master.
  • The Master's musical number. Then him going a bit more evil and less camp for the rest of the episode.
  • David Tennant and John Simm.
  • Martha staying at home at the end.
  • The now traditional comedy cliffhanger.

However there were some bad things:

  • The paradox machine was a big reboot button as many people guessed. Rubbish.
  • The spheres were human shrunken heads from the future. What?!
  • Captain Jack doing nothing but hanging around chained up.
  • Captain Jack being The Face Of Boe. WHAT?!
  • The Doctor being saved by everyone on Earth suddenly being able to hook up to some magical satellites and.... and what? Dunno...erm make him fly and glow blue. What was that all about?
So as usual the episode never quite lives up to what it could have been, mainly let down by crazy plotting.

Bets on for the big villain next year? Davros? The Doctor's long lost child?

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I guess we are to believe that while aging, Cap'n Jack's body will wither away, while his head will grow to be enormous. Actually, that kind of makes sense!