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July 27, 2007

Competition : Win signed copies of You Can Draw Star Wars

I have two copies of You Can Draw Star Wars to give away, courtesy of the very nice people at DK Books. One is signed by Matt Busch and Tom Hodges, the other by Matt Busch and Bonnie Barton.

To win all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me about your first memory of Star Wars, whether it was in 1977 watching A New Hope, or in 2005 with Revenge Of The Sith. I'll pick the two stories that I like the most and they win. Easy.

Conditions : (1) You have to add a valid email address in the comment, because I'll email you to tell you that you've won. (2) I'm only going to ship to the UK, sorry. (3) closing date is the 27th August.


Not my first memor, but the best was when I flew to New York to see The Phantom Menance, because it was out two months later in England. Saw it in the Zeigfeld cinema at midnight, which was awesome, lots of people cheering.

I first saw A New Hope in about 1983 (aged 6) and was quite worried about having missed the first three episodes. My anxiety soon passed when the opening scene blew my world apart!


I remember going to the Odeon cinema in Nottingham in 1977 with my Dad to see Star Wars. The foyer used to have 100's of bright lights and it made it very exciting for a kid aged 7. I remember vividly seeing the Imperial Cruiser thundering overhead in the opening sequence - I'd never seen anything like it, lasers, explosions, talking robots and great music it was absolutely fantastic! My favourite charater was Chewy and I remember wishing I could travel on the Millenium Falcon. Great times.

Wow, I lived abroad so never really saw the surrounding hype until ROTJ.

We had a family outing to see the film in the local cinema in the 80's (now converted to flats) and it was fantastic to see on the big screen. The sights, sound and drama! The race to the centre of the new death star and back out again was amazing as was the sheer amount of tie fighters in the space battles swarming around the falcon. Brilliant. Obviously I know now that Empire is the better film, but I never saw that at the cinema. ROTJ is my first memory. Brilliant.

If I was to be honest I can't actually remember the first time I saw Star Wars but the memory that stuck in my mind was the first time I saw the re-released versions at the cinema in the late 90's. The whole place was packed (Showcase in Bristol) and there were about 5 of the 9 screens dedicated to the re-release. My friends and I were sitting in the aisle because there were so many people. The whole place went dark (no adverts or trailers), the famous opening lines (A long time....) lit up and then John Williams score kicks in, the woman sitting in the seat next to the aisle jumps out of her seat and throws pop corn all over us. I remember thinking 'surely, you knew that music was going to kick in...'.


Here's mine, in case anyone was wondering :-)

1977. I was 4 years old. My dad snuck me out of the house so that we didn't wake up my little brother and we went to Dudley cinema (which has since been demolished). It was cool cinema, a big old theatre, and the memory of it was that it was MASSIVE! The queue was huge too, all the way past the zoo and up the hill.

I remember the Star Destroyer coming overhead, and seeing the Storm Troopers. It was...well, quite amazing... And that was it for the next ten years. STAR WARS!

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