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June 4, 2007

Iain Banks does appendices

Oh, oh. This sounds bad.

"It's 204,000 words long and the last 4,000 consist of appendices and glossaries. It's so complicated that even in its complexity it's complex. I'm not sure the publishers will go for the appendices, but readers will need them. It's filled with neologisms and characters who disappear for 150 pages and come back, with lots of flashbacks and -forwards. And the story involves different civilisations at different stages of technological evolution. There's even one group who have disappeared up their own fundaments into non-matter-based societies."

 Appendices and glossaries. Arrggh.


Yikes! Just what I need, another big and confusing book to join my pile - and being Iain's I will want to read it anwyay. Talking of Big SF Books, advance copy of Peter F Hamilton's came the other day and, of course, Pete has created another huge tome and, of course, I am gagging to read it... As soon as I clear the other 623 books and graphic novels out of the way... Soooo many good books...

Have you read House of Leaves by Mark J Danielewski? A book of over 1,000 pages with crazy appendices can be a good read.