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June 10, 2007

I Am Legend trailers

The I Am Legend trailer is online. I'm sorry that I keep going on about this film but...

I am almost lost for words. They've taken a short, claustrophobic, character based, scary novel and turned it into a large scale disaster movie. YOU'VE MISSED THE POINT.

So you've got New York deserted. So what? 28 Days Later did it with London for thrupence, and it is probably better. Why is it New York? Why is there a spy plane on the roof? Why is the tagline "The last man on earth is not alone"?





Why is the tagline that? Cos its all going to be about the girl! Bloody typical!

Mind you, was it ever going to live up to such an awesome book.

I new that it would never live up to the book, but I couldn't help harbouring a glimmer of hope, and now I can't suppress the immense frustration!

Hollywood cannot be trusted with anything.

And just to prove it... not only did they make a piss-poor effort of converting I, Robot, but they seem to want to double the damage with a sequel.


I, Robot 2. This time it's personal.

Actually I didn't mind I,Robot, I just pretended it had nothing to do with Asimov (which in fact it didn't really).

You dudes do realize that your beloved novel has been made into a movie a few times before (three to be exact) right? I'm just gonna go ahead a say that I'm fuckin' positive the Will Smith version is gonna kick the shit out of the Charlton Heston version.

And if, somehow, an academy award winning screenwriter, a visual maestro director and one of the biggest living hollywood actors today can't deliever the goods, then maybe at least it'll draw some attention to the book. And if not...it's just a movie.