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June 8, 2007

I Am Legend film poster

Here's the poster for the I Am Legend film. (It's called a one-sheet in the biz.) I don't know how many times I have to say it, but I have a bad feeling about that film, and the bad feeling says it's going to be rubbish.


You're not alone, mate, my literary heart has been sinking at the thought of this for months. Talked the SF book group I set up here into doing the book a while back and it was new to most of them, they couldn't believe how much power was contained in such a tiny, slim little book (a common effect when we do a classic SF novel and the see a writer create as good or better a tale and world in under 200 pages that a modern writer would spend 600 on). Still, for my money, one of the best ever takes on the Last Man in the World tale and also a brilliant example of Cold War paranoia.

Somehow I suspect the Will Smith movie won't be faithful to the book. If I am honest the minute I heard it was old Big Ears himself I realised it wouldn't... On a related theme have you tried Y: the Last Man series from DC's Vertigo imprint? Last man in the world, very different setup this time but still a clever series I think anyone who likes Matheson's Legend would probably enjoy

Yeah, it's amazing how slim some of the classics are compared to recent novels. (The size of Iain Banks' new novel made me groan.)

I read I Am Legend purely because I was working through the SF Masterworks series and was completely surprised because I knew nothing about it. Which made it even more brilliant for me.

Haven't heard of Y: the Last Man, but sounds interesting. I'll check it out.