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June 13, 2007

Gawker starting SF blog

Wow, SF must be cool at the moment or something, Gawker Geeks Out With New Sci-Fi-Themed Blog. That's Gawker, the nano-publishing empire of Nick Denton, who's blogs include the very popular Gizmodo and Lifehacker blogs.
"The Huffington Post has learned from a source inside Gawker Media that Gawker plans to launch a new science-fiction-themed title. The source said plans include poaching a writer from "Wired" at a salary of $7,000 a month (near the top of Gawker's salary range) to edit the new blog."
Hey! I'll do it for $6000 a month! The question is, can they do a serious SF blog?


No, no they can't.

Just witness their other blogs. I rest my case.

It does mean however that they think they can sell advertising for a SF blog. I wonder who? TV Channels maybe?