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June 17, 2007

Doctor Who - Utopia

Utopia. Now that is what I've been waiting for!




Okay, so it's a bit fanboy geeky, but the return of The Master made me smile. Mix in two brilliant actors (Derek Jacobi and John Simm), regenerate between the two, result: awesome. I loved the "clues" : The Professor, YANA, the old style Doctor dress. By the time it got to the pocket watch it was obvious, but no less brilliant. The way Jacobi switched from the bumbling professor to the evil Master was great, and then you got the new version by John Simm, who was like a Tennant-style Master, over the top and funny.

And on top of all that Captain Jack came back, after living through an entire century waiting for The Doctor. The tension between Jack and The Doctor was great, showing The Doctor's harder side.

I'm babbling. 

Guess what? I enjoyed Utopia a lot

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Babbling is quite understandable, mate - I haven't blogged it on the FPI or my own blog yet because I knew I would run on like the fanboy I am, but dammit, it was brilliant! And yeah, I thought his Master was a bit 'Tennant' too (not a bad thing, of course). Nice to see heavyweight thesps like Derek Jacobi turning up in Who again, isn't it? Almost like the glory days of old when a raft of big names wanted to get a guest slot on the show.