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June 24, 2007

Doctor Who - The Sound Of Drums

So, we knew that John Simm was in The Sound Of Drums, and I guessed that he'd be brilliant. I didn't guess quite how brilliant. Awesome.

However, before Simm takes too much glory it should be noted that in Doctor Who Confidential, Simm said that Russell T Davies was very exact about how he wanted the part played. So RTD should take some plaudits for his writing too.



To say that The Master is insane seems an understatement. David Tennant used a word in an interview for Confidential that sums it up precisely: bonkers!  I loved it, completely over the top, funny, scary, nasty, evil. Like a super composite update of the stereotypical villain.

So many good bits: just about everything The Master did or said, a glimpse of Gallifrey, and The Doctor finally meeting his match (finally in the reboot version of the series anyway).

Only one bad bit, the stupid music at the start of the invasion. Oh, and one bit that made me sigh, the all-too-easy escape from the future, bit predictable.

Great entertainment.

Good timing too, does anyone else wonder if Gordon Brown will finally be revealed as an evil alien?


I agree, from a very weak start, this series turned the corner with Blink and the last two episodes have been good.

I abhor the two parters for the very reason you state, the Doctor gets out of scrapes far too easily, ref: 'Go to Bed' and using the crystal from the heart of the tardis to Blast the Cybermen to smitheens.

It will be interesting once things get announced for next series.

Why can't anyone write a cliffhanger with a sensible resolution/escape?!