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June 27, 2007

Deciding what to read next? Ask a SF blogger

Within the last couple of weeks a couple of friends have, independently, mailed me the following question:

I've run out of things to read. Read everything by Iain Banks / Peter Hamilton, what should I read next?

 What's interesting is that they asked me rather than browse on Amazon or go to Waterstones. It's not surprising, they know I've got an SF blog (even if they don't read it), but still interesting. I can't help feeling that despite all attempts we're still missing the killer book recommendation application.

BTW my recommendations have been not entirely successful. Air wasn't appreciated, but haven't heard anything negative about the followup suggestion, anything by Alistair Reynolds. Whilst today I suggested Glasshouse and Stars My Destination.


I'd be inclined to recommend Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series and Neal Stephenson's entire back catalogue! Though I've had love it/hate it responses from the Quicksilver series.

Yeah, the Baroque Cycle is awesome but you have to throw yourself into it (and have a few months). Best to read Snowcrash first, then The Diamond Age.

Diamond Age is a quality book