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June 28, 2007

Brasyl UK edition design

My copy of Brasyl arrived from Amazon yesterday. I couldn't put off the wait any longer.

Anyway, what any pictures of the UK Trade-paperback edition don't show is how cool the design is.

Firstly the front cover is silver and the Brasyl letters are a cutout, beneath it is a colourful page, like the back of the book. Nice. I'll take some pictures to illustrate it better. The only downside is that i can see the bottom of the R ripping off at some point because it's think.

And the quote on the front is from Richard Morgan and it says: "F**king brilliant. I'm as jealous as hell - it's a beauty"!

Right, got reading to do... 

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I finally got some pictures uploaded of the Brasyl trade paperback design. I have to share them because the book looks so cool. The cover is that silver stuff that goes all rainbowy when you look at it at an angle... Read More


It's a gorgeous design isn't it?

The minimalism of the whiteness is very 2006 but the clashing, colourful letters just scream now. It's one of the trendiest book covers I've ever seen.

Might work well on the trade, but it loses most of its impact on the hardcover - there's no cutout on the dust-jacket, so it looks like a white stencil has been stuck over the coloured cover - you miss out on what (I can only guess) is a the riot of fabulous colour in the artwork... a real shame. They'd have been better off with white lettering on the coloured background, I reckon.

That looks smart... and the Morgan quote means I'll be making this my next amazon purchase!