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June 8, 2007

Bionic Woman clips

NBC has a preview of The Bionic Woman online. No slow motion and der-der-de-derrr music in sight. And it actually looks quite good, although not sure about the token vulnerable family member to protect. Michelle Ryan does (to my ears) a passable American accent, which is weird after being used to her as a cock-a-nee in Eastenders, cor blimey guvnor, strike a light etc., and then even weirder when you watch the interview with her and she's got a super posh accent, darling. I guess that's good acting then. Oh and the clip has her fighting Katee Sackhoff. Fight!


Must admit I liked the look of it too the other day - especially since they showed an emotional reaction to her finding out her body had been mutilated, which never really cropped up in the original or in the 6 Million Dollar Man that I recall - you'd think someone like this would be more in need of serious psych therapy for traumatic stress than ready to be trained as a weapons system. Be interesting to see how it pans out - some nice slo-mo shots of the well-endowed Ms Ryan running in the rain may help :-)

I guess the questions are whether they can raise it above and beyond the initial concept, and whether they can do anything different to Dark Angel or Nikita or maybe even Firefly/Serenity. If not it might get boring quickly.