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May 9, 2007

What are the essential SF blogs?

It's official, I now have too many feeds in my feed reader to read them all. Which means that every other day there are 500 or so posts to trawl through.

I have several options:

  1. Only read posts from the day before, mark the rest as read

  2. Prune my feed list

  3. Give up

Say, hypothetically, that I was choosing option 2. What are the ten essential SF blogs that I should read? Any opinions? (I shall keep quiet on my views so as not to influence the discussion (even if the discussion only happens in my head)).


Hard question to answer, and I'll explain why by way of some perspective. You find yourself with a few hundred *posts* to read a day - I read nearly 300 *feeds* every day!

The secret is to not read every single post - which is why it's a good thing for bloggers to use a descriptive and / or catchy headline if they want to leap out of the soup . I skim the feeds, marking interesting headlines until the intray is empty. Then I go back and triage the actual posts, read the ones of personal interest, and work out what to say about the ones I want to blog about.

Of course, the real difference between you and me is that I'm the one who consistently tells himself that he doesn't have enough time to write fiction... ;)

Well, yeah I do that too, but recently it's been annoying me. I must have gone through this a dozen times over the years, usually I end up moving feed reader (as though that will fix the problem!).

Out of interest I checked how many feeds I am currently subscribed to, Google Reader says...

"From your 226 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,849 items"

And this post has already backfired, because Shaun blogged about some new (to me) feeds and now I've had to subscribe to them :-)

You know, I've been wrestling with exactly the same dilemma just recently.

I only have a paltry 150+ feeds in my Google Reader, but I'm already considering hacking that down to a more manageable 100.

In fact, I might just institute a '100 feeds' rule, across all my current areas of interest. If I find a new site or feed, then I'll have to pick one of the existing 100 to drop.


I think actuall there are two versions of my feeds that I need to read:

1) Staying up to date with the SF community. For this I could cut back some feeds and read the aggregtors like Locus Blinks, SF Signal, VCTB etc.

2) Stuff to blog that no one else has found. This is getting increasingly difficult and requires either carefully selected search feeds or LOADS of random blogs.

Of course I still want to do both.

In the end, what is important is that I'm still having fun, which is why I started blogging in the first place.

"Stuff to blog that no one else has found."

I gave up on this months ago. Between prolific bastards like you, Paul Raven, Niall Harrison and that fecker* Joe Gordon at FP (for crying out loud, they *pay* him to write a blog... all DAY!) there's pretty much no stone left un-turned for us mere mortals these days.

Think I'll stick to my usual curmudgeonly mumbling; leave the exclusives and round-ups to the folks that have time to find and post it...

Bastards! All of you..! ;)

[*and very good mate of mine]