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May 31, 2007

US government asks SF writers how to defeat terrorism

From USA Today:

"Looking to prevent the next terrorist attack, the Homeland Security Department is tapping into the wild imaginations of a group of self-described "deviant" thinkers: science-fiction writers."

The writers include Jerry Pournelle, Arlan Andrews, Greg Bear, Larry Niven and Sage Walker.

"Bear says the writers offer powerful imaginations that can conjure up not only possible methods of attack, but also ideas about how governments and individuals will respond and what kinds of high-tech tools could prevent attacks."

Nice to see them focusing on sensble Foreign policy then. Hearts and minds?

1 Comment

Pournelle and Niven are "deviants"?

I mean, they are compared to me, but those two being up to the eyeballs in US Defence projects is nothing new, and you can't get much more straight than whoring yourself for the military.