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May 29, 2007

The serious Science Fiction film genre is dead

PopMatters says "The serious Science Fiction film genre is dead..." And yet quotes The Children Of Men as one of the 8 successes. Ermmm, that was last year. Did it die suddenly?


Not that I've seen it, but I would have thought Sunshine would have been worth a mention also. Apparently it is a much more well thought out movie than the premise might make you think.
However, I think that they are looking through rather rose-tinted glasses at some of those movies... ie, Planet Of The Apes. That is a-typical B Movie shlock which would be ridiculed (if it were original) these days. The reason being, people generally aren't particularly impressed by the idea of spaceships and aliens or rayguns and distant planets. Our attention is internally focused, which means the likes of Children Of Men and The Matrix have far more interest... the modern world has caught up somewhat and this means stories have to be that little more clever in their setup.
To say that serious science fiction is dead is a bit silly, it's just not in our faces at the moment. Give it another three or four years and there will be another glut of movies, most bad but the odd gem mixed in.

Yeah, totally agree.
"there will be another glut of movies, most bad but the odd gem mixed in."
Exactly. From a distance we only remember the good (or the very bad!). I think the article disappears in an cloud of it's own logic.