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May 15, 2007

New UK SF magazine Deathray reviewed at SF Diplomat

Jonathan McCalmont @ SF Diplomat reviews Death Ray Magazine (Issue One), comparing it to SciFiNow and SFX, the other two major SF magazines in the UK (one new, one old). The review is positive, sounds like Deathray is worth checking out.


I tracked down a copy in WH Smiths after looking pretty much everywhere else... and I enjoyed it, to be fair. Very good magazine with lots of potential. Still light on the books coverage, I thought. Lots of attention to the media-hyped movies, but hopefully this will improve in time. My one concern is the staffing... half of the writers appear to be bearded middle-agers, which is all well and good, but hardly representative of today's sci-fi following fans. I might just subscribe though!

I haven't seen a copy in person yet. But next time I'm in town I'll do my usual loitering in WH Smiths and read it for a quarter of an hour. That's unless they've done the cunning, put it in a plastic bag trick.

As for the media, movie coverage, I guess it pulls in the readers. As long as they have substantial coverage of books I think that's fine, try and convert some people to SF books. SFX started that like that, but then lost its way.

Aye, and that was the main selling point before they started... equal coverage kind of thing... I was just a bit miffed that their one feature was 8 sci-fi books of historical note... but I'm sure it'll get better. A good start and room for improvement!