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May 23, 2007

New Star Wars films? No, no, no, no.

Aparently those new Star Wars films were just a reporter being rubbish. Just the long known about TV series coming. Via Cinematical. Maybe I'll just start making up Star Wars news now? Might be as reliable.


Hey! I thought you might want to know that in light of the 30 year anniversary of Star Wars, The History Channel is running a special called "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" which premiers May 20 at 9:00 pm ET. It's this really cool look at the political, historical and mythological influences on Star Wars. To promote this special, The History Channel is also running this contest offering the chance to win a trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe. I think that this is pretty awesome since we all know how expensive these trips can be. You can enter at www.history.com/starwars/sweepstakes.

Three days late... good work.

I was a really big Star Wars fan... right up until that travesty of a third film, Revenge Of The Sith. It was at that point the shutters were lifted from my eyes and I realised what a complete load of bollocks it all was and the legacy of those original films is now completely destroyed thanks to the flannel-shirted one's vain attempts to 'complete' his saga.

I am looking forward to seeing what a complete hash-up this TV series is gonna be too.

I don't agree. How can later films destroy how good the earlier films were? Nonsense.

Also, I actually think the prequels are quite good. They are of course kids films. Most people who love Star Wars saw it when they were a kid. They have unrealistic fanboy expectations. They are Saturday morning SF serials, as they were always intended to be.

Star Wars is still Star Wars and it's still the best.