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May 16, 2007

NBC plays it safe...with SF shows!

So, lot sof people have reported in all the new shows that will be arriving on US tv next year. However what caught my eye was this report by the New York Times about NBC, NBC, Tired of Last Place, Turns to Sci-Fi and Fantasy
"NBC, in a slump and eager to regain its winning ways, is hoping to attract advertisers and viewers with a fall schedule that plays it safe.....The most notable trend in the NBC prime-time lineup for the 2007-8 season, which the network introduced yesterday, is a focus on fantasy and science fiction."
Wow. SFF shows are now "playing it safe"!


Great news - good to see that SF is back in the mainstream for now. The indisputable fact that it attracts a hell of a lot of viewers seems to have surmounted (for now) the "SF is for geeks" stigma.
Also - noticed that the Bionic Woman is to be played by that girl off Eastenders... how the hell did she get that gig?!

Yeah, she must have a good agent.

"Cor blimey guvnor, I can see past St. Pauls with this new eye. Apples and Stairs. Strike a light."