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May 25, 2007

Lost Season 3 review

Woah. Woah. And Woah.

There are spoilers for Lost Season 3 coming right now....


The Lost season 3 finale was great. In fact I loved the whole season. The flash forward was very cool, I got it but not until I saw the maps in Jack's office. That is how to make people come back and watch next season. They've escaped!

What's great about this series is that the writing and characters start meaning something to you (well, me anyway),which means that the writers can do an episode that really pays you back. 

Things that I thought were cool:

  • Charlie dying. Very sad. I liked Charlie. I was shouting "Swim out the porhole!"
  • The invincible Russian. What?!
  • Parachuted in woman was not sent by Penelope.
  • Hurley as a hero! Hurrah!
  • The flashforward. Is that it?
So I have no idea where they'll take the next series. They could carry in from the flash-forward maybe? Their lives off the island, then going back, but that might be a bit dull. They could just carry in from the "rescue"? But then the flash-forward doesn't make sense. Don't know. But I can't wait to find out.


Charlie wouldn't have been able to fit out of the port-hole mate. Plus, I reckon the whole rationale for him deliberately shutting the door and drowning was because he believed in Desmond's vision and thought that if he cheated death then he'd somehow jeapordise the rescue.

And I reckon that we'll find out that only some of the main characters got off the island - Locke, for one, will have stayed, and Hurley would have been too big for the helicopter... :)

Or maybe there was only enough fuel on the chopper for one or two trips, so they'd only be able to take a dozen or so of them.

Apparently the show's writers are going into complete radio silence until February though, so we'll have to wait until then to find out... which is the way it should be, obviously :)

Yeah, I agree that Charlie sacrificed himself, and it might have been a push to squeeze through that porthole, that didn't stop me shouting at the TV :-)

Interesting thoughts about only some of them getting off. Never thought of that. I thought, however, that Locke was in the coffin.

What a great TV show!

I thought the coffin-occupant was either Locke or Benjamin... maybe Jack thinks forcing him to leave the Island is the ultimate form of revenge and then his tumour comes back..?

Oooh, yeah, could be Ben.

Some people on the interwebs have tried to decipher the newspaper that Jack got, they're more or less just guessing though.