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May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Star Wars

The first Star Wars film was released on 25th May 1977. That's 30 years ago today. 

Star Wars was the first film I ever saw in a cinema. I spent my whole childhood playing Star Wars, making Star Wars stuff, collecting Star Wars figures, reading Star Wars comics, putting Star Wars posters up in my bedroom...and so on. Star Wars was my childhood. 

Star Wars, I still love you. Happy Birthday. 


Weird to think of it all those years ago as we were shiny eyed little kids, isn't it? Probably we got the best deal ever - it was perfect for us then, just kids, no great advance hype at that point so you didn't really know quite what to expect, all fresh, all new and a million miles from other fantasy movies we got in the 70s which normally involved Doug McClure (although I still kind of like those too!). If only we knew how valuable those toys would be and kept some, still sealed, eh? But toys were meant to be played with, not stored for possible future gain.

In honor of your Star Wars shout out, here are some other fans who are celebrating the big day.

Some of South Florida's biggest Star Wars fans gathered to say "Happy Birthday" to the original film. You can check them out here:


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