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April 25, 2007

Sunshine silly?

Adam Roberts reviews Sunshine in Strange Horizons Reviews.

He says it is silly.


I have to admit, the premise seems far too close to The Core and Armageddon to be taken too seriously... which is a real bummer when you have Danny Boyle on Radio 5 trying to jazz up the intellectual side of things. To be fair, it isn't pretending to be a serious sci-fi movie as much as as psychological thriller set in space. The mission itself is the shell of the story, the people involved are the focus. But you do get the feeling that the whole film is merely a vessel for the visuals.

It looks fantastic and the first 90 minutes or so are strong. Unfortunately, it gets let down in the last 30 minutes with a derivative, rehashed version of any number of "stuck in space" movie endings (Event Horizon, Alien etc ). If you want something thought provoking try Cypher or Primer (my Sci-Fi "diamonds in the rough" of the last year). Both have a fraction of the budget but some genuinely great ideas to share with us.

I think Cypher was on Film 4 recently? I'll see if there's a repeat. Still haven't seen Primer, which sounds very cool.