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April 29, 2007

Alt.Fiction 2007 - Who I met

I'm going to give some shout-outs to the people I met yesterday at Alt.Fiction (ooh, it's gone all local radio here).

First off the BSFA Orbiter posse:

This was the first time that I'd met any of them except Terry, so it was cool talking in person after a year or more of email only contact. I also finally got round to buying a copy of Time Pieces from Ian.

Then there was some people from the interwebnettubes:

We had a good discussion about our web sites, things to do etc. They both had big plans and visions. Whereas I didn't. What? My little, old blog? Good fun meeting them in person.

Then a selection of other people I got talking to:

  • Chaz Brenchley showed me their lovely Ghost Story collection.
  • Suzanne McLeod, look out for her book, due soon(ish), and the first in a series (which sounds very cool).
  • Donna Scott, who bizzarely went to the same college as me, at the same time. (The accent gave it away). We spent ten minutes saying, "do you know...?". I also vaguely promised I'd try and write a Dark Fantasy story for her (not that I actually know what that means).
  • ...lots of other people whose names I've forgotten.

I had a great time, nice meeting everyone.


A big hello back!

Great to meet you too, mate. Drop me a line some time about that cross-posting thing we were briefly nattering about, if you're interested?