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March 12, 2007

Still waiting for the Ebook iPod

Jason Stoddard reckons that I'm wasting my time wishing for the Killer App Ebook reader.

"No corporation in its right mind would put the R&D money into
developing such a product. Producing a specific-use device for a tiny
niche market ain’t exactly the recipe for success."

Ooh, so negative. Surely however, similar thoughts were said about MP3 players, but somebody started making them. I have faith, it will come, I read it in The Diamond Age.


Jason seems to be assuming that the technology used for an eBook reader could only be used for that one purpose. PDAs and pocket PCs are popular things and there's plenty of business investment there. The technology used in those goes hand-in-hand with eBook readers - it surely wouldn't be too much to expect that a slimmed-down tablet reader will eventually be produced for the purpose of reading documents? There's a myriad business uses for something like that.

Then again, I've just looked at Jason's post and it makes the same point I just did. Well, I reckon the Magic Ebook Reader is coming, and isn't too far off - I don't know if it'll save publishing, though. I think you need a superhero for that.

I think someone will make a cool paper screen technology eg. Phillips, then someone else will use that too make a cool ebook reader. Screw convergence, just make it do one thing and do it right.

Is this what you're after?


Could be, unless it has stupid crazy Sony drm nonsense. I'll investigate.