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March 23, 2007

Catching up

Google Reader has a nice UI. However when any of my folders reaches 100+ I start thinking, "hmmm, that will take me ages to read, instead I'll read the three posts about cricket instead." Consequently the number of unread posts climbs and climbs. There could be millions inside that 100+ folder.

However, I've just caught up, so here comes a selection of posts about stuff from this week.

On the plus side, Bruce Sterling's comments about web logs dying out has made me feel that web-logging is indeed a valid thing to spend my time doing. Hurrah, bring on the links.


I'd suggest you're taking the wrong approach to your RSS, there. I read the 100+ folders first, then work down to the smallest - which means I get to finish on my webcomics. It's all about rewarding your own hard work, right? ;)

Yeah, forget working down pit, try working on the blog-face.