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February 9, 2007

The Top 10 SF films that I haven't seen

There seems to be a load of top 10 SF film lists going around at the moment. So here's a personal list of The Top 10 SF films that I haven't seen. The list to choose from seems to be getting longer rapidly as I get worse at actually getting to the cinema. I used to see everything that came out, not just SF, now I'm lucky to see 3 films a year. Oh well.

  1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Got it on DVD for Christmas, still waiting for a quiet evening when I'm not tired (which is not very often due to getting up early to write every day).
  2. 12 Monkeys - Missed it, keep missing it. Film 4 please show it.
  3. Gattaca - Seen half of it at a friend's house when DVD's were new, then had to leave. Now on my amazon wishlist.
  4. The Prestige - I was very excited about it, and then never got to see it. Waiting for the DVD.
  5. Brazil - Saw some of it when I was younger, didn't like it, would probably like it now.
  6. Donnie Darko - Have it on DVD, see (1).
  7. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Seen a cheap/rubbish remake, haven't seen the original. Once again, Film 4, please oblige.
  8. Solaris - The original. I liked the Clooney remake.
  9. When Worlds Collide - just never seen it
  10. Gojira/Godzilla - never seen the original, although seen lots of clips of Godzilla fighting giant Moths etc.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind review
Gattaca review
The Prestige,  no review (but loved it)

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Gattaca from Big Dumb Object on October 25, 2007 11:56 AM

I'm slowly working my way through my Top 10 SF films that I haven't seen. I watched Gattaca last week.Gattaca is a great film: atmospheric, beautiful, intelligent, some great acting (particularily Jude Law) and it doesn't pretend to not be... Read More


2-6 were excellent and you must see them, never saw eternal sunshine and its on my wishlist, same with 9 and 10.

The original Solaris though, i sa bits of it as my room mate was studying it for an MA and its VERY different film to the very good Soderbergh/Clooney version. Tarkofsky's weird epic seemed more work than fun.

On the Prestige i REALLY recommend you read the book first though.

On my list:

Yeah, I've read the book, love Christopher Priest's novels, which is why I was so excited about seeing the film. Doh.

At the very least you have some excellent films to watch whenver you get around to it.

I found the original Solaris slow, tedious and dull. I was excited when I found out that a new version was being made, and I was not disappointed...even if I was only one of the 500 people who saw it before it hit DVD.

Why do people not like Solaris? Are they so ridiculously mind-numbed by today's television that they can't possibly enjoy anything if there are no guns or drugs?! I thought Solaris (Soderbergh version) was brilliant!