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January 11, 2007

Things I should do / things I am doing

Some things I should do:

  • Post a review of Torchwood season 1 (I just can't summon up the enthusiasm).
  • Post a review of Battlestar Galactica season 3 so far (I just can't summon up the enthusiasm. See a trend here?)
  • Stay on top of my SF rss feeds otherwise I have ten squillion posts to read and don't read any of them
  • Post my list of Christmas presents == my to-read pile

Things I am doing...

  • Typing up one of my stories every day (still on target)

  • Still reading the Baroque Cycle, on System Of The World, and it's still brilliant


The Baroque Cycle is awesome - I really should re-read it, but the current queue is too big for that to be a reasonable idea ...

... and as a word of comfort, if you're working on your stories, I think you're doing the most important thing. I'm not sure the tubes of the internet can cope with another review of BSG without clogging irreparably! ;-)

The hype of BSG as got to me, especially as the quality has been declining. And the whole "It's not SF" as-others-see-us thing that the mainstream reviews have been doing too.