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January 3, 2007

Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride

So, it's about time I reviewed the Doctor Who Christmas Special, now that Christmas is now well and truly over.

The short review : very flawed but incredibly entertaining.

The long review:

There's a lot wrong with this episode of Doctor Who. Firstly the plot is nonsense, it doesn't make much logical sense. Secondly the monster is a bit rubbish, very cheesey. And, the whole thing lacks originality.

However, it was an event. 7pm on Christmas Day. There is not a bigger TV slot in the UK. It was hyped, it was anticipated, it was like another Christmas present. Which, to me, all added to the excitement.

The good things were very good: David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Both of whom were just fabulous. They made it. I could have watched the two of them all day. And the Tardis chasing the car scene was fantastic too.

So all in all, I did enjoy it a lot, but I hope the new series can come up with some better stories.


Isn't that the hope of us all when it comes to New Doctor Who ? No more "Love and Monsters" silliness please ! More "The Satan Pit" and "The Girl in the Fireplace" drama, please !

PS Found your spot via Juliet McKenna's LJ !

I thought "The Satan Pit" and "The Girl in the Fireplace" were the best episodes, bar "Love and Monsters" which was my favourite! Hard to explain why, I think just because it was different, and Marc Warren was brilliant.

Oh well ! I'm know I'm not alone in hating "Love and Monsters" - but nor are you alone in enjoying it ! Guess we'll have to agree to differ on that one...

I think it was one of those love it or hate it episodes. Whereas most people agree that the other two episodes mentioned were great.

As long as the new series has writing like that I'll be happy.