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November 7, 2006

Torchwood - S1E04 - Cyberwoman

It's the Torchwood episode with a Cyberwoman, and the one where you hear a million SF fans groan, their hopes for a serious SF programme dashed.

Spoilers ahead...

Oh dear. Again. It's a woman in a metal bikini. Half a cyberman. And the reason? The Cybermen were in a rush. What a stupid, lazy excuse for a woman in a metal bikini.

This episode could have been okay. They could have taken the premise of Ianto trying to save his girlfriend and done something good with it. But no. It was ruined by ridiculousness. How did he get all that stuff in the cellar without Captain Jack knowing? Don't they look in their secret hideouts rooms? And whilst we're on the subject, why on Earth are they underneath the centre of Cardiff. Just stupid.

And then the pterodactyl eats her. And then they escape by their secret escape paving slab. And then she swaps her brain into another woman. What?!? Why? How did this happen? Where did the good stories and writers go?

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Agreed on all counts. I never knew the cybermen were so keen on underpants.

If the next one's not good, I'll be on Torchwood death watch.