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November 1, 2006

SFX interview Christopher Priest about The Prestige

Via SFSignal, SFX interview Christopher Priest about The Prestige.

"I wasn’t consulted over the script, and didn’t especially want to be. Look, I had the director and screenwriter of Memento, one of the most original slipstream movies of the last few years, developing my most complicated novel into a movie... I didn’t feel I could add much! Sometimes it’s best to let people get on with what they’re good at."

Which is a great attitude (but helps when you know the result is going to be good!).

There are previews for The Prestige in the UK next week. before its release on 10th November.

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hey can anyone give me a link to ebook version of THE PRESTIGE??? really wanna read it.im a total book freak.plss help